Ravolt - Resilient Whole-Home Power

About Us

RaVolt was founded on the vision of true energy independence without compromise. Learn the story of how RaVolt was created, our social mission, and information on how you can join our team.


Our Story

RaVolt, pronounced “RAH-VOLT,” is named after Ra, the ancient Egyptian sun god. Ra’s Sun Disk was believed to bring immense power, independence, and protection.

RaVolt LLC was founded by a seasoned team of engineers and industry experts who shared a vision: true energy independence without compromise. After decades of implementing industrial systems, we wanted to use our experience in solar energy, utility power systems, battery storage, and home power industries to help homeowners to live off-grid or grid-independent, without sacrificing their way of life.

Our team knows the feeling of pride and independence that comes from generating your own electricity and understands the importance of safety, reliability, and self-sufficiency. When we set out in 2016 to create a new kind of system perfectly tailored for residential use, we were determined to combine the safest, most resilient components possible with our patented technology designed to optimize performance and minimize costs. The result is the RaVolt Home Microgrid, a groundbreaking new way for homeowners to have more reliable and redundant power, without sacrificing their lifestyle, and with or without a utility connection.

Our Social Mission

RaVolt LLC focuses on people, the planet, and profits. Our social mission is to help physically and sexually abused children and adult survivors, and we donate a portion of our profits to support the efforts of organizations doing this important work.


Join the RaVolt Revolution as one of our team members. Our open roles are posted below and be sure to check back often.

Open Position – Product Manager

The Product Manager’s responsibilities include leading the design, development, and manufacturing of the patented RaVolt whole-home microgrid power system. Coordinate with clients, suppliers, the operations team, sales, marketing, and other stakeholders to ensure requirements, design parameters, procurement choices and installation methods are consistent with product definition and market demands. Define new products and features, implement design changes, guide product development to enable new features, and solve technical challenges in the solar, energy storage, load management, and battery market space. Integrate physical plant, communications, IT, and online management resources.

This position requires focus, attention to detail, and vigor to understand technical specifications and market trends. You will finalize prototypes, build vendor relationships, negotiate vendor terms and conditions and prepare prototypes as needed to develop the product and support a rapidly growing sales pipeline.

You should be very technically curious, hands-on, and the type of person who looks at details to define solutions to complex technical challenges.