How It Works

RaVolt is a triple-redundant, whole-home microgrid that allows your home to be fully grid-independent or partially grid-tied, so you will never be without power. Maintain your current lifestyle with the capability to be fully off the grid.

Our patented RaVolt enclosure unit allows for flexibility in how your home is powered and installed outdoors, saving you space while providing you safety and peace of mind.

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How The Enclosure Works

The RaVolt enclosure is a powerful all-in-one microgrid that provides always-on power. Installation and operations are as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. PV wire from the solar array goes into the unit on the PV Disconnects. These are prewired into the inverter for easy and quick connections.
  2. Backup power comes from the backup generator or the utility grid and into the AC Service Disconnect.
  3. Connect the RaVolt enclosure to your home, workshop, barn, etc, through the Load Center or the optional On-Site Power Panel.

The RaVolt enclosure, with batteries and inverter, supplies your home with efficient and sustainable energy day and night.

How RaVolt Works

See How RaVolt Works

The Installation Process

We work with you on your specific requirements, size up the system that best fits your needs, and then connect you with a local install partner who installs your system, unless DIY solutions are preferred.

RaVolt Installation Process

RaVolt Product Configurations

Depending on your energy needs, we can configure your system to be completely off-grid with a backup generator, grid-tied with utility backup, or partially off-grid with RaVolt as a partial home backup. Completely flexible & customizable.

Partial Backup