Ravolt - Resilient Whole-Home Power

Whole-Home Power: Grid Optional

Our grid-independent home microgrid provides clean, safe, reliable solar power for your whole house on or off-grid. Through hurricanes, ice storms, nearby wildfires, or rolling blackouts, make the energy your family needs, right in your backyard.

Whole Home Power

Your primary source of energy for your entire home, day and night. Our triple redundant off-grid solar power system means no more unexpected outages.

Grid Independence

Maintain your lifestyle while having lower electricity costs with the capability to be fully off the grid.

Generation 2 Enclosure Unit

Outdoor enclosure

Our patented technology provides a secure, safe way to provide power from outside your home.

Ground Mounted Solar

Grid-Tied or Off-Grid With a Generator

Ground-mounted solar doesn’t hurt your roof or require structural changes to your house, and provides easy access for any reason. However, Rooftop is a great option as well for those who have limited space.

Batteries Included

Highly advanced lithium iron phosphate batteries charge during the day to power your home all night and during cloudy days.

Resilient Power

Resilient Power

Our triple redundant RaVolt off-grid microgrid with battery means no more unexpected outages. The grid or a backup generator provides supplemental power during long dark days, or periods of heavy power usage.

RaVolt Harnesses The Sun

A solar array captures energy from the sun and sends it to the RaVolt enclosure.

Energy Feeds to the RaVolt enclosure

Our outdoor enclosure contains batteries, inverters, communications, generator connection, external RV outlet, active heating and ventilation, automatic transfer switch (ATS), and other components to provide you with redundant whole-home power.

Backup Power is Standing by

Depending on your energy needs, we can configure your system to be completely off-grid with a backup generator, grid-independent with utility backup, or partially off-grid with RaVolt as a backup.

Power Your Whole Home

With RaVolt complete whole-home power plant, you are never without power for your entire home.

How RaVolt Works

Design Your RaVolt

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Client Testimonial

“It was a great experience. It makes it easier to plan for retirement. It makes it easier to think about if there was a disaster to hit, that we would be up and running. It’s peace of mind.”

Jeff & Jackie

Missouri Homeowners

“It’s great that the system is “always-on”. I’m very pleased, tickled to death. I’m not paying the power company anymore and it’s great. The tax incentive was a great help. That’s what triggered me to go ahead and proceed with the system. It dropped the cost by about 25 %


West Virginia Homeowner

We no longer worry about power outages in the winter or heavy storms in the summer. It’s like our own backyard power plant. We couldn’t be happier and we look forward to many years of reliable and sustainable power.


New York Homeowner

Generation 2 Unit

The RaVolt Enclosure

We offer the only complete whole-home power plant with batteries in the industry. The RaVolt enclosure has the ability to power your whole home with grid-tied or grid-independent capabilities. Our patented technology is movable, and scalable, and can even be installed before your home is built to provide power during construction.



The RaVolt enclosure is adaptable to your unique power needs. You can safely and easily scale up the size of your system by adding batteries, and inverters as needed.


Climate Control

The insulated Nema-3R weather-tight enclosure is equipped with active heating and ventilation to keep the components safe.


Battery Management System

Our battery management system (BMS) actively communicates with the smart inverters and protects your batteries for the long run and automatically switches between power sources as needed.


Loaded with Features

The enclosure includes a cellular or wifi connection for remote system monitoring and software updates, disconnect options, a load center, an RV plug, and more. Our units are made for a wide variety of uses and grid independence.

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Design Your Microgrid

We have a RaVolt unit that can suit any home’s unique power needs. Our RaVolt Designer tool will help you size up your home to see what RaVolt system will be best for you.

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