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The RaVolt Whole-Home Microgrid

Experience true energy independence with our revolutionary RaVolt Home Power Plant. Our patented integration of power generation and energy storage provides a reliable and sustainable solution for your home’s energy needs. With our plug-and-play installation, you can enjoy the benefits of a completely grid-independent home right from the moment it arrives onsite.

Say goodbye to power outages and hello to uninterrupted power supply with the RaVolt Home Power Plant directly in your backyard.

Check out RaVolt powering a Tennessee farm on Homestead Rescue – S11E4 on Discovery Go!

Homestead Rescue
RaVolt Microgrid Enclosure

Discover the Power of RaVolt

As the industry’s only complete whole-home power plant with batteries, the RaVolt Home Power Plant empowers your entire home with grid-tied or grid-independent capabilities. Our patented technology is not only movable and scalable, but it can also be conveniently installed before your home is built, providing power during construction.

What separates RaVolt from other solar solutions?



Completely Scalable

The RaVolt enclosure is adaptable to your unique power needs. You can safely and easily scale up the size of your system based on your unique power needs by adding batteries and inverters as needed. 


Unique Battery Management System

Our battery management system (BMS) actively communicates with the smart inverters, and automatically protects your batteries for the long run.


Climate Controlled Enclosure

The insulated Nema-3R weather-tight enclosure is equipped with active heating and ventilation to keep the components safe no matter how harsh your weather. Our enclosure sites safly outside your home, unlike other systems which take up valuable space in your home or garage.


Loaded with Features

The enclosure includes a cellular or wifi connection for remote system monitoring and software updates, disconnect options, a load center, an RV plug, and more. Our units are made for various uses and grid independence, such as small cabins, large home builds or replacing your existing home’s energy supply.

RaVolt Product Specs and Features

The inner workings of a RaVolt enclosure features a central inverter, a powerful load center, PV disconnects, a service entrance that can be tied to your existing grid or a generator, onsite power plugs, and a flexible battery configuration based on your energy needs.

Each RaVolt Unit Includes:

• (1) Inverter per cabinet, multiple Inverter options available
• Battery storage capacity
• AC In: Non-fused visible gap disconnect
• AC Out: MCB load center, feed through lugs, 8 Circuit
• PV In: 2 string PV disconnects for all inverter MPPTs
• Forced air cooling
• In-cabinet heat
• Wireless/Wired ethernet connection box
• Concrete pad anchors, angles, screws

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