Ravolt - Resilient Whole-Home Power

What Is RaVolt?

RaVolt is a triple-redundant, whole-home microgrid that allows your home to be fully grid-independent or partially grid-tied, so you will never be without power. Maintain your current lifestyle with the capability to be fully off the grid.

Our patented RaVolt enclosure unit allows for flexibility in how your home is powered and installed outdoors, saving you space while providing you safety and peace of mind.

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4 Key Components of RaVolt

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RaVolt Harnesses The Sun

A solar array captures energy from the sun and sends it to the RaVolt enclosure.

RaVolt Enclosure

RaVolt Enclosure

Our patented technology provides the flexibility to house all your system components, batteries, and inverters while saving space in your home. 

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On or Off-Grid Capabilities

We offer many different configurations including fully off-grid, grid-independent or partially grid-tied with backup generators. 

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Whole Home Power

Our solution provides you with whole-home power that is clean, safe and reliable no matter what the weather conditions. 

What Is A RaVolt System

RaVolt is a triple-redundant whole-home microgrid installed right in your backyard. Our RaVolt microgrid integrates inverters, batteries, communications, and control systems to power your whole home.

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Our climate-controlled outdoor enclosure provides a secure, easily-accessible way to power your whole house without taking up space inside.


Installation is simple with RaVolt, our system hooks into the existing main panel of the home and installers never have to step foot inside.


Your primary source of energy for your entire home, day and night. Our triple redundant off-grid solar power system means no more unexpected outages.


Ground-mounted solar doesn’t hurt your roof, require structural changes to your house, and allows for optimal solar panel orientation and performance.


Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries with up to a 10-year warranty


Climate Control:
Fans to cool, heaters to heat system for installation in any climate


Fully off-grid capable – Generator compatible


Add batteries and inverters to the enclosure or add more enclosures


Secure & Safe Enclosure:
Door interlocks and disconnects, with a NEMA-3R weather tight enclosure for outdoor installation


Loaded with Extras:
From WiFi to be able to monitor your system from anywhere, to 50A RV panel, outdoor outlet, and generator plug-in, our units are made for a wide array of uses. 

The RaVolt Enclosure

We offer the only home-scale power plant available in the industry. The RaVolt enclosure has the ability to power your whole home with grid-tied or grid-independent capabilities. Our patented technology is movable, scalable, and can even be installed before your home is built to provide power during construction.



The RaVolt enclosure is adaptable to your unique power needs. You can safely and easily scale up the size of your system by adding batteries, and inverters as needed.


Climate Control

The insulated NEMA-3R weather-tight enclosure is equipped with active heating and ventilation to keep the components safe.


Battery Management System

Our battery management system (BMS) actively communicates with the smart inverters and protects your batteries for the long run and automatically switches between power sources as needed.


Loaded with Features

The enclosure includes a cellular or wifi connection for remote system monitoring and software updates, disconnect options, a load center, an RV plug, and more. Our units are made for a wide variety of uses and grid independence.

How RaVolt Works

Depending on your energy needs, we can configure your system to be completely off-grid with a backup generator, grid-tied with utility backup, or partially off-grid with RaVolt as a partial home backup.

Partial home backup

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We are currently looking for talented partners in the continental US with experience in Electrical Contracting, Ground Mount Racking, Roof Top Racking, and Generator Installation.

Design Your Microgrid

We have a RaVolt unit that can suit any home’s unique power needs. Our RaVolt Designer Tool will help you size up your home to see what RaVolt system will be best for you and your unique power needs.

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