RaVolt Weathers Storms Your Utility Can’t

Apr 29, 2021

Let’s paint a picture. Your meteorologist cuts into your favorite show with breaking news. A severe storm is headed your way. Thousands (or even millions) of people could be without power and you’re most likely going to be one of them. And, since you rely on a questionable utility grid that’s over a century old, there’s not really anything you can do about it other than cross your fingers and hope for the best.

But, it really doesn’t have to be that way. Even with one of the largest utilities filing for bankruptcy and facing $30 billion in system damages due to natural disasters, there’s a simple solution. RaVolt untangles you from the risk of losing quality service by giving you your own utility. We provide the safe, resilient, best-in-class off-grid turnkey solutions. You get your own power on your own grid.

From tropical storms and ice storms to extreme heat and wildfires, there’s no real downtime for the danger of losing power. You’ve seen it happen everywhere from Texas to Connecticut non-stop just in the last year, time and time again. Those outages can range from hours to days. Even animals can cause outages, with 22,000 outages caused by animals last year in Mississippi alone. And guess what? As more utility companies desperately try to upgrade their infrastructure, planned outages will become more regular. They’ll even pass on the cost of those upgrades right to you, the customer.

That’s why RaVolt is the smart choice. Your very own grid could stay on during all those storms, tornados and weather events that are only going to increase in number and strength as climate change worsens.

By becoming energy independent with a RaVolt system, you can protect your home and family and put all the power in your own hands. It’s fully automated and you can even choose how you use power with our agile power control system. Get power from the sun or batteries and back it all up from a generator or the grid if you want.

Let’s face it, for a multitude of reasons, outages aren’t going anywhere. RaVolt makes sure you never have to worry about them again. Get in touch with us today to learn more about easily adding our independent, save and reliable power solution to your home.