RaVolt Featured On ‘SolarAcademy’ Podcast

Dec 5, 2023

RaVolt: Turning your Home into a Microgrid

In this Solar Conversation, SolarAcademy host Kerim Baran talks to RaVolt’s Executive Vice President, Josh Weaver, about RaVolt’s grid-independent solution for homeowners and what makes it different from other alternatives in the market.

Josh shares the origins of RaVolt, emerging out of a utility-scale EPC company, as well as their current offerings as a product-focused company that’s bringing grid-optional solutions to homeowners.

In this conversation, Kerim and Josh touch on the versatility of RaVolt’s product, RaVolt’s ideal customer profile, the concept of grid parity, the challenges of the grid today, as well as how RaVolt melds a network of local installers and direct sales as part of their go-to-market strategy.

Listen to the episode here >