RaVolt Featured On ‘Huntin’ Land Podcast’

Aug 14, 2023

In this episode of Huntin’ Land, Joe, Butch, and Clint talk with Josh Pouliot of RaVolt Solar about the intricacies of an off-grid solar system and how it could benefit your property. He answers important questions such as financing, demand and service charges, grid stipulations, time-of-use rates, grid-tied disadvantages, and insurance considerations. Josh explains what components are involved in a solar system, including solar panels, solar inverters, battery charge controllers, backup power sources, and batteries. Plus, he explains each component and its importance in creating a well-rounded and efficient off-grid solar system. Lastly, Josh goes into detail on determining if the upfront cost is worth it compared to grid-tied prices. 

Listen to the episode here >>

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