Missouri Homeowners Become Grid Independent 

Aug 23, 2021

For Jeff and Jackie, the uncertainty of utility power and rising utility costs was a major concern as they started to think about retirement down the road. The decision to go solar wasn’t an easy one, and they had their concerns about the process, including where it would be installed.

“We just had a new roof put on and I’ve got to worry about roof damage,” said Jackie. “So my husband said, if you want solar, you got to find somebody who installs it on the ground.”

After a quick Google search showed that RaVolt could easily meet their installation needs, they got in touch with us and started learning even more about what we offer. Jackie says, “We want it to be a chance to be off-grid if the power was out. That’s what got us really interested in RaVolt. They were really very helpful in explaining things like how it was going to work.”

Even though they liked what they saw from RaVolt so far, Jeff and Jackie still had questions about the types of equipment we would be using. Jackie put YouTube to good use and found that RaVolt only uses industry-leading equipment like lithium iron phosphate batteries, American-made solar panels, and robust off-grid solar generators. Jackie remembers, “I went on YouTube to find out about the generator RaVolt was using, and people were just raving about the type of generator they use. I realized, oh my gosh, they’re using top-notch everything here.”

When it came time for installation, all of Jeff and Jackie’s concerns faded away once they saw how easy RaVolt makes everything. “We couldn’t ask for better service. It was like clockwork. And everybody on the team was easy to work with. Polite. Kind. I just really like the customer service that was provided. That was a nice, big surprise because you don’t see good customer service on a regular basis anymore.”

Jeff and Jackie have been blown away by the difference it makes in their lives, especially when that means they don’t even know how hard it’s working for them. “Since we’ve had solar, we did have a power outage we weren’t even aware of. I actually got an email from our power company apologizing for the power outage,” Jackie recalls. “It’s happened again, a second time. We didn’t even know. It’s so nice. Not to have your day interrupted.”

Jeff and Jackie also want people to know just how far solar for your home have come thanks to RaVolt. “So much of the system is nothing like what people who are off-grid and had solar systems 10, 15, or 20 years ago. It’s so much better. People that set up their own systems, have a lot of problems because they don’t have the knowledge that RaVolt does behind them. It’s just a completely different experience.” They’re even using the app RaVolt provides in order to stay completely up-to-date on how much their system is helping.

And now, with their RaVolt off-grid system up and running, Jeff and Jackie couldn’t be happier. “I would do it again,” says Jackie. “It was a great experience. It makes it easier to plan for retirement. It makes it easier to think about if there was a disaster to hit, that we would be up and running. It’s peace of mind.”