Make Your Home Solar Ready With RaVolt

May 31, 2023

If you’re building a new home and want to make solar installation seamless, you’re likely aware of the benefits of incorporating green technology into your design. With an increasingly unstable utility grid, homeowners around the globe are opting for a “solar-ready” home that makes future solar installation easy. If you’re considering a solar-ready home but have questions, RaVolt is here with all the information you need.


What’s a Solar-Ready Home and Why is it Important?

A solar-ready home is a new build designed to simplify future solar installation with features like a south-facing roof, high-efficiency windows, and pre-wiring for solar panel installation. The more solar-ready additions you make to your home as you build, the easier it is to install later and avoid the hassle of retrofitting.

Here are some other ways building a solar-ready home can benefit you in the long run:

  • Stay powered up during outages with a backup power system
  • Be grid-independent with clean, safe, reliable power
  • Save money on energy consumption

How can RaVolt help?

As a provider of grid-independent systems, RaVolt is the perfect supplement to solar-ready homes. Installing one of our microgrids during the building process allows you to have battery backup and easily add solar later for total grid independence. Even expanding with extra inverters and batteries is simple when partnering with RaVolt during construction.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Whether you have a solar-ready home or a battery backup solar-ready home, RaVolt makes it easy to take the next step toward resilient, self-produced power. As a bonus, RaVolt qualifies you for a 30% federal tax credit and the potential to add the system to your mortgage as a green energy solution. By incorporating a backup power system and the RaVolt microgrid, you can save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy the security of energy independence.

Want to learn more about how RaVolt can change the game for your solar-ready home? Get in touch with us.

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