The RaVolt Team activated our 100% off-grid solar system last month, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Fantastic product and team!
Our system includes 15.7 kW of capture (36 panels), 26.6 kWh storage (four batteries), two 12k inverters, and a 20 KW generator for backup; the enclosure is self-contained and self-temperature controlled. We have not yet moved to the property but wanted power and water installed as part of our transition; because of our location, grid connectivity is not feasible.

The RaVolt Team was fantastic throughout the entire planning and installation process. They were responsive to my many, many questions, addressed all of my concerns, allowed me to interact with their installation lead, engineering leads, and management personnel as each situation dictated appropriate, and worked with me to ensure I was in a good place at all times.

For many, I think you’ll find these solar technologies are complex and overwhelming, and I think the usage analysis they conducted as part of the design phase was tremendously informative in helping me understand the risks of insufficient capture and storage…and the resulting impact of additional generator usage. There is definitely a cost tradeoff because designing and building the ‘perfect’ system is pricey. However, they helped me work through the details of that cost/benefit analysis to design/install an affordable system that will work well for our needs.

After commissioning, I’ve continued to reach out with periodic questions and continue to get the same level of outstanding support.