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Who We Are:

RaVolt was founded by a seasoned team of engineers, contractors and industry experts who share a vision: energy independence without compromise. After decades of implementing industrial and utility scale systems, we wanted to use our experience in large scale solar energy, utility power systems, battery storage, and safe and efficient construction to help homeowners to live off-grid or grid independent, without sacrificing their way of life. 

Why Work With Us:

RaVolt was designed to enable rapid, safe, and consistent installation of powerful grid-independent power systems. It’s design allows electricians to focus on what they do best, and move effectively to the next job instead of learning and managing highly specific and custom systems like typical off-grid systems require. Most of our systems install in one day, including testing and commissioning with RaVolt oversight of complex configuration details.

  • RaVolt cultivates long-term installation partnerships with qualified contractors nationwide.
  • We provide efficient and consistent project flow, without the headaches of designing, configuring, and supporting complex off-grid systems.
  • Our partners receive priority project flow, long term O&M and service relationships, and the opportunity to work with our patented off-grid platform
  • RaVolt handles the complex design issues related to grid-independence, provide customer support, and ensure 100% customer understanding of the capabilities, and 100% satisfaction.
  • Out partners provide top level workmanship and represent the most professional off-grid team in the industry. 
  • Electricians do not need to be solar experts, our system is designed to install to a normal service entrance. 

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Installation Partner Needs:

We are currently looking for talented partners in the continental US with experience in:

  • Electrical contractors
  • Ground Mount Racking
  • Roof Top Racking
  • Generator Installation

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